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Local Markets

What to do in Niagara?

The authentic, intentional and novel local vendors and businesses take part in many Farmer's and Supper Markets that connect the residents.

The St. Catharines Farmers Markets run on Thursday and Saturday mornings downtown Market Square and feature a variety or goods like fresh deli, produce, flowers, baked goods, savoury bites and artisan goods.

The Post Dalhousie Supper Market hosted on Tuesdays evening in the summer at Lakeside Park is a lively event with food & drink trucks, craft alcohol vendors, live bands, artisan goods and fresh produce.

The Welland Farmers Market on Saturday mornings began in 1907 is going strong at 70 Young Street. Find loads of fresh goods, delicious options, handcrafted products.

The Welland Supper Market is on Wednesday evening in the summer time. There are amazing vendors, live music and hosted movie nights.

Welland Markets
Welland Markets

Niagara Falls Saturday morning Farmers Markets are hosted at the MacBain Community Centre showcasing local farmers, growers, bakers, and more.


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