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Great Niagara Hiking Spots

Niagara has dozens of great areas to hike, picnic, swim and hangout this weekend.

See the three hiking trails below for some ideas to check out this weekend with your friends, family, dog or by yourself.

Niagara's Great Hikes


Hike #1: DeCew Falls

The Niagara Region is home to many beautiful waterfalls and river hikes. Decew Falls is a hidden gem further away from tourist hot spots, and tucked away near Brock University surrounded by beautiful nature.

The parking lot and beginning of the hike is located at the historic Morningstar Mill.

Hiking down to the falls can be challenging during rain or bad weather because the hills can get slippery.

Bring your bathing suit if you want to swim in the falls or river.

Hike #2: Short Hills Provincial Park

Short Hills is the only provincial park in the Niagara Region. It is classified as one of the non-operating Ontario provincial parks which means that there are no facilities available and camping is not permitted. It is free to visit, and dogs are welcome, which are a few of the reasons that Short Hills Provincial Park is a popular spot to hike in the Niagara Region.

There are several hiking trails at Short Hills Provincial Park, all varying in length and terrain. The trails in Short Hills Provincial Park are divided by multi-use and hiking-only.

The Swayze Falls Trail, Very Berry Trail and Black Walnut Trail are all marked with yellow markers which signify a multi-use trail where you can hike, bike and horseback ride.

The Terrace Creek Trail, Scarlet Tanager Trail and Hemlock Valley Trail are all marked with blue markers meaning only hiking is permitted.

We decided to try the Black Walnut Trail which is a 5.3-km loop trail. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes a little over 1 hour to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and walking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

There is a good chance to see deer while hiking, which we did on our route. After a rain the hills can be slick and challenging so wear appropriate footwear.

Hike #3: Niagara Glen

Niagara Glen is a great spot to find multiple hiking trails that take you down into the Niagara Gorge with over 4km of trails to explore.

The trails incorporate beautiful forests, rock formations and great views of the Niagara river and some small beach areas. The hiking trails are fairly well marked and easy to navigate other than some steep decline areas that can be slippery depending on the weather.

There are multiple ways down to the trails. The main path is to park and utilize the multi-level metal staircase to the bottom of the escarpment. There are multiple trails to take and follow depending on the direction and length you want to go. The best trails go along the river, but all of them have interesting rock features, forests and views to take in.

Niagara Glen is a great hiking area full of adventure and varied experiences depending on the time of year, weather and paths you take.


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